While it is often assumed that roller derby is dangerous, what with it being a contact sport, we of The Flood think it can be safely said that roller derby has no more potential for danger than any activity of daily life. For one thing, even though it is a rough sport where girls hit each other, we all wear pads and other protective gear in order to minimize risk. Along with helmets; mouth guards; and elbow, wrist and knee pads, derby skaters are trained in ways to take a fall properly and to deliver hits legally. In roller derby, special care is always taken to maintain skater safety. We want our skaters to be on the track for seasons to come. Yes, sometimes skaters get injured while on skates, but more often than not, skaters show up to practice with injuries that occurred elsewhere. In recent months our skaters have shown up to practice injured from exercising at the gym, from tripping on a street gutter, from tweaking their back or neck while sleeping, from minor to not-so-minor car accidents and for reasons they can’t even identify.  In derby we say that most injuries happen at the after party, where we cut loose and get rambunctious without our gear on. In short, life as a human where no protective gear is worn is far more dangerous than roller derby.


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