The ladies of the Flood are putting the final touches on months of preparation for their first home bout. Two years after they were formed in June 2012 at the Johnson Springview park in Rocklin, they are finally making a formal debut to their community in the very spot where it all began.

What does it take to host a home roller derby bout? Perhaps more than you’d expect. Tape and rope are a benchmark of roller derby, used to outline the track, and are a surprising large expenses. Because FWRD is bouting on blacktop, an unconventional skating surface, the usual tapes could not be used. This sent Bad Astral (CEO of Flood Water) out to lay and skate upon test patch of track, in order to make sure the track won’t peel up during play.

Uniforms had to be ordered and adorned with custom vinyl. These were done expertly and beautifully by TLKelly Graphics, a derby owned and operated business and long time partner with FWRD.

Just because Rocklin is a nice neighborhood and the park is a place where children play, doesn’t mean jerks won’t come almost every night and break glass on the track. This inspired the derby league to invest in some brooms, because you just can’t skate on glass.

How can you get sound out to a hockey rink hundreds of yards away from outlets? Extra long extension cords could work, or you could invite a mobile DJ with his own generator. The much loved DJ Merv, long time friend of FWRD came to the rescue.

FWRD will be raffling off a large basket full of valuable gifts, like a massage from their very own Lady Hades, and many others… all of which have been donated by individuals in the community. The Placer County Fairgrounds (The Flood’s indoor practice facility) donated 50 chairs to serve as benches for players at the event. In short, to put on a derby bout, it takes a lot of patience, organization, and community.


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